Project 365

I was hanging out with a friend on New Year's Eve, 2006, when we started talking about Project 365, which we had both read about in an online article. It sounded interesting, so we decided to go for it.

I woke up January 2nd, with the thought that I had already messed up.

Which isn't exactly true, because because I did take a picture, just not one with the Project in mind. This would later happen far too often, jumping up from bed late at night in panic thinking I had forgotten to take a picture.

As the months went by, I started keeping my camera with my whenever I left the house. In the fall I went to study in London, and my camera was always in my pocket.

I came back to the States in early December, realizing that I was so close to finishing my year. I took my last picture on the afternoon of December 31, a rather disappointing end to a year of work.

The first week of the new year rolled by, and it felt strange not to have the pressure of a picture looming over me every day. I still took pictures, I just wasn't putting them into a set. I decided to do the Project over again, and try to put more effort into being a better photographer.

Script to download from camera and sort pictures. Requires gphoto2 and exif, both of which can be found in the Ubuntu repositories.


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