Wooden Clock

Wooden Clock - Solaris

I recently started building a wooden clock from plans I purchased from Clayton Boyer. Yes, it's been a lot of work, and it's taken me 12 hours so far, but in the end I think it will really be worth it.

You can find pictures of the construction process here.

The DHARMA Initiative Logo


When my friend asked me to make one of the DHARMA Initiative logos from ABC's Lost, I jumped at the chance. Pictured here is the logo for The Swan. Soon after I made one for The Flame, and The Hydra, and I hope to make the rest of the DHARMA stations.

You can find pictures of the construction process here.

Project 365


Taking a picture every day. Sound easy? It actually isn't. Over the past two years I've come to enjoy finding interesting things to take pictures of every day. As I start the third year, it's rather interesting to look back and have a visual calendar of the years past.

My progress so far in 2009

The completed set for 2008

The completed set for 2007

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